Crossdock Sponsors Aspiring Golf Pro

Posted by CDadmin30

No person can ever conquer any great challenge without the support of many great people. Support comes in many forms. It usually starts out with dedicated and devoted parents. As time passes…a team of friends, coaches, training partners, and even competitors are responsible for developing greatness within.

Ultimately, there is always a price tag that is associated with the challenge of pursuing your dreams and ambitions…money. Or better yet, the lack of money.

Most professional players have great aspirations of being on the Canadian Tour, but face a huge challenge when it comes to getting there. Since the Great Lakes Tour is very much a developmental tour for the Canadian Tour, most of the players are learning what it takes to compete at the highest levels and must play in as many events as possible. This comes at a great cost to the players, with costs in the range of $50,000 per year. It’s not uncommon to see a Canadian
Tour player sleeping in a rented car because they don’t have enough money to rent a room.

Very few professional golfers actually get large forms of corporate sponsorship. While many corporate sponsors help players by providing clothing, clubs, or bags, most players don’t get financial support. Financial support is reserved for the players that have already made it to the top. Corporate sponsors are not generally interested in supporting a player in the developmental stages of professional play. Impressing them by your game is the easy part. Impressing the sponsor with your attitude is another thing altogether. Jason Cordes has displayed that he is serious and focused about his sport and will give it his best. His work ethic and attitude towards the game is what we as a company like to reflect in our relationships with suppliers and customers. Anytime you can partner with someone that has these attributes it is a win-win for both sides. Whether his pursuit of an accomplished golf pro is successful is not what we as a company are focused on. It is the support and dedication to an individual striving for success and making sacrifices to become their best that we admire.

We wish him the best of luck on the Great Lakes Tour this year. We are cheering him on, and hoping his hard work pays off. Go gettem Jason!

You can follow Jason’s progress at all tournaments by clicking on the below link: