Choosing an LTL Provider

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CHOOSING AN LTL CARRIER (Hint: Choose Crossdock!)

In the competitive market of Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping, Shippers often find themselves at a crossroads when choosing between service quality and cost-effectiveness. While the allure of a lower price tag may seem tempting, it is crucial to weigh the full spectrum of factors that contribute to the true value of your shipping investment.

The Price Conundrum

Opting for the lowest shipping cost might appear to be a strategic move for businesses aiming to tighten their budgets. However, the actual cost of LTL shipping extends beyond the initial figures on the invoice. Crossdock can help shippers with a comprehensive evaluation that includes considerations for damage claims, lost freight, and delays.

Damage Claims: The Hidden Expense

Choosing a budget-friendly LTL option often results in compromised handling practices, leading to a higher likelihood of damaged goods. Most economic carriers will transfer your LTL freight from truck to dock and back to truck multiple times on the way to the destination. While initial savings might seem substantial, the costs associated with frequent damage claims can quickly erode these savings. Crossdock prefers service providers that move the freight more directly and prioritize meticulous handling, reducing the risk of damaged shipments and the subsequent financial fallout.

Lost Freight: A Costly Disappearance

In the labyrinth of LTL shipping, lost freight can be a nightmare for businesses. Opting for a service solely based on price may expose shipments to a higher risk of getting lost in transit due to the excessive transfers. Replacing lost goods not only incurs additional expenses but also poses potential disruptions to your supply chain, not to mention the potential for lost business from your disappointed customer. Crossdock’s dependable carriers can be the safeguard your business needs against the haunting prospect of lost freight.

Delays: Time is Money

Time-sensitive shipments are the lifeblood of many businesses, and delays in LTL shipping can have cascading effects on operations. Opting for the lowest-cost provider

may result in prolonged transit times, affecting customer satisfaction and potentially leading to financial losses. Crossdock prioritizes service quality to ensure timely deliveries, contributing to a seamless shipment and a customer thrilling experience.

The Holistic Approach: Balancing Service and Price

In the complex landscape of LTL shipping, a balanced approach is key. At Crossdock we understand that cost considerations are important, and we strive to offer the highest value for our customers. Shippers should recognize that service quality directly impacts the total cost of shipping and dissatisfied customers. By choosing Crossdock, you can be assured that we prioritize careful handling, minimize the risk of lost freight, and ensure timely deliveries. At Crossdock we want to help Shippers grow their business by providing an exceptional delivery experience that contributes to increased orders from a happy customer.


In the dynamic world of LTL shipping, the dichotomy between service and price is a critical decision that businesses must navigate. A focus on cost savings can lead to hidden expenses, whereas a holistic approach that values service quality can result in a more efficient and cost-effective shipping strategy. Ultimately, Shippers should view their choice of an LTL shipping provider as an investment in the seamless flow of goods, understanding that the true value extends far beyond the initial price tag. At Crossdock We Get It. Delivered.