Getting It Delivered...Since 2000

Like most companies, Crossdock Systems started small but our intentions were big. With just a 6,000 square foot warehouse, 2 forklifts and a few headsets, we put our customer-centric approach to work. We knew the competition among third party logistics companies (3PLs) was high. But we believed that our strategic approach and roster of experts in all facets of the supply-chain process would be a winning combination.

That was more than 18 years ago. Over that time, we’ve helped propel thousands of small-to-medium companies and global brands across a range of industries by helping them make smarter logistics choices.

And unlike most freight brokers or 3PLs, Crossdock Systems operates its own 100,000 square foot warehouse and 35 trucks and trailers.

It’s just the latest in our aggressive commitment to invest in technology, equipment, team and process. It is part of what has made us a forerunner in our industry and why we’ve been twice-named to the list of Canada’s fastest growing companies by Profit magazine.

Here are more reasons why using Crossdock Systems as your transportation intermediary is the smart move:

  • Members of Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), meaning we abide by the highest ethical standards in the Freight Brokerage industry
  • We aren’t just freight brokers, we have our own assets including warehouse and trucks
  • We carry a $75,000 USD bond to protect our carrier partners and customers
  • Our freight spend is $10 million plus allowing us to capitalize on volume discounts
  • 2,500+ carriers in our database with credit already established and all heavily vetted
  • Track and trace on request and as often as you like
  • We get preferred pricing, volume discounts from quality carrier partners

Want to know more? Call us toll free at 888 535 3999 to speak with one of our highly trained logistics experts.