Crossdock Gives Back

Posted by CDadmin30

Throughout the past 15 years, Crossdock Systems has remained committed to broadening our presence as a respected provider of premium logistics services centered around the customer.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve lost perspective about the importance of embracing social responsibility. The very same fierce dedication to our customers can be seen in our community initiatives and our commitment to giving back to not only the areas we do business but the wider community that surrounds us.

While a lot has changed over the course of our business life, our original mission has not. “Leading by example and maintaining a level of giving is not only good for business but helps Crossdock foster a positive workplace environment,” said Crossdock Systems President Winston Gust. The takeaway, he says, is that corporate social responsibility helps everyone involved.

Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing details of our community initiatives, which focus on areas of youth, health and wellness and community involvement. We will also highlight those organizations we’ve recently partnered with and how individually they help enhance the places we call home.

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